About the cottage





The cottage is available for short- or longterm rent all year round.

Price: NKr 500,- pr day
This price is for two adults and child/children. Additional price of Nkr 200,- per day per adult above two. 
Included in the price is linen and towels.

Cleaning at the end of stay Nkr 300,- if You dont want to do it yourself.


16 ft aluminumboat with 50 hp engine and chart plotter for rent for Nkr 250,- per day


If an additional boat is needed, a 15 ft Crescent plastic boat with 15 hp engine (without  chart plotter) is for rent for Nkr 150,- per day

If You are interested, please contact us by phone or email.


Adress: Annie Henriksen, Hestøysund, 8854 Austbø
Phone: 75045802 Mobile : 91112989